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Is your computer slow? Is your data safe? Is your nework secure?
Are you concerned about the reliability of your computer?

When your computer was new, was it fast? Does it seem to be running more slowly now? Has your hard drive ever been erased, reformated, and had Windows reinstalled? This will return your computer to a like new state. All your data will be saved and recovered to the new installation.

Is your data backed up? Are you aware that there are viruses that can not only wreak havoc with Windows, but also destroy data.

Does your computer seem to be making more noise than it used to? Noise is often caused by a fan, but can also be caused by a failing hard drive. If the drive fails it is often not possible to recover data from it without huge cost and inconvenience. If a fan fails heat will build up, greatly reducing the life of your CPU and mother board.

A lot of homes have a desktop and a laptop. I can set up a home network for you, so both PCs can communicate with each other and exchange files.

Back-Ups are very important. Especially for laptops, because they can be damaged, lost, or stolen so easily. This can be done automatically and wirelessy.

Security is another important thing to think about if you are using wireless. Are you using the strongest security available for your laptop and router?